Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tigers Are Bad For Horses - Embers

Washington, DC-based alt-pop duo Tigers Are Bad For Horses, comprised of Mary Ellen Funke and Lyell Evans Roeder, have today unveiled their new single entitled "Embers", which is also their first release with DC-based label and artist collective, Proper Vibes. The new single follows their debut EP, TABFH, which was released late last year and garnered widespread support from the likes of D.C. Music Download and Brightest Young Things, and so far has amassed over 50,000 plays on Spotify. On "Embers", Tigers Are Bad For Horses combine lifting vocals and multi-textured piano with an indie electronic vibe to it. The result is a sensual and moving track that embodies the talent and skill of this rising duo.

Speaking on the track, the duo says:

"'Embers' began as an attempt at capturing an aesthetic experience - in this case sitting by a fire - through our music. We wanted to write a song that was both visually evocative and with enough rhythm to move to. As writing progressed over January and February, Mellen was going through a period where people were rapidly coming in and out of her life. 'You've got your love alone' is reflecting on the idea that as we become surrounded by people we love going in and out of our lives, there is a permanent love that is both yours to share and yours to hold alone. The instrumentation and arrangement of the song evolved alongside these lyrics. We wanted to create music that moved through several places, that could push and pull with Mellen's vocals until they came together fully in the same space by the end."

Listen to "Embers" below.

"Embers" is available now as a free download for new next 24 hours and on iTunes. .

Premiere via Blisspop.


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