Tuesday, July 19, 2016

INGLSH - Russian Roulette

23-year-old Los Angeles-based newcomer INGLSH has just unveiled her emotionally charged electro-pop track called "Russian Roulette", which also serves as the first single to be lifted from her forthcoming 5-song debut EP, Prisoner No More, due out on August 26th. Along with the release, INGLSH has also shared the single's accompanying black and white music video directed by Shiro Gutzie. In it, she stares directly into camera proclaiming, "You're no good I know, but I can’t let you go. You and I have been here before playing Russian Roulette" while wearing make-up and nothing else. Although conceptually simple, the clip evokes an uncomfortable state which is both beautiful and tragic. Even with the audio on mute you can still feel something when you watch her perform on the video and see her fade in and out of frame.

Speaking on the track, says:

"The song is about the danger of staying in a relationship when you know deep inside it is not the right one. The metaphor of Russian Roulette in a relationship is that there is a chance you may make it, but the odds are stacked up against you. You have to have the strength to recognize the risk and be able to walk away unharmed. Relationships are not easy. We need to take chances to find our life partners, but also recognize your self worth and move on when you know it is no longer healthy to stay in it."

Watch the video for "Russian Roulette " below.

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Premiere via BreatheHeavy.


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  1. Love this! Gonna have this one on repeat!