Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Molly Marlette - Do Me A Favor

Introducing Hollywood born-and-bred singer/songwriter (and the current face of LimeCrime's 2 MOODS makeup line) Molly Marlette, who has today unveiled her lush and synth-drenched debut single entitled "Do Me A Favor", which she co-wrote and co-produced herself.

A lifelong Hollywood resident, Marlette has watched friends scale the heights of fame and others struggle to pay the rent. She herself has strived since childhood to build a career as an entertainer, from show-biz kid in tap shoes knocking out bit parts in TV shows to now a confident pop artist on the verge. Marlette pours all of that perspective into her debut single and while the track may sound sweet-as-pie on its surface, the track tentatively pivots into a love story with its protagonist questioning everything around her.

Speaking on the track, Molly says:

"It's ('Do Me A Favor') like a love song through the lens of anxiety. I first wrote it about a boy I had just met, but over time it became my ode to a certain kind of life I am trying to find. You know, like over the rainbow or something."

Listen to "Do Me A Favor" below.

"Do Me A Favor" will be released on August 5th

Premiere + interview via PopCrush.


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