Monday, July 11, 2016

Noréll - Howl

Introducing Danish trio Noréll, comprised of vocalist Marìe Louise Bjarnarson and producers Viktor Hagner and Nichlas Malling. Noréll are the latest band to be signed to Copenhagen-based label, No3 Records and recently the group have unleashed their debut single, "Howl", co-written by one of the year's hottest Scandi-pop artists and fellow label signee, KIll J.

Buoyed by a brash channel of pounding bass, crackling synths and vocalist Maríe Louise's bold, distinctive voice, "Howl" exudes all the elements of a stunning pop song and stands as a shining example of how the Scandinavian electro scene continues to thrive. Taking inspiration from their roots in Hip Hop and Chicago House, Viktor and Nichlas produced "Howl" in their top floor apartment in Østerbro, Copenhagen, setting the contemplative track to the backdrop of grinding bass lines and punchy beats. Already standing toe-to-toe with a plethora of musical heavyweights such as Robyn and Seinabo Sey, this fiery and distinctive trio are set to cause quite a stir in 2016.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Marìe Louise says:

"'Howl' deals with the consequences of acting on your primal instincts. Putting your own needs and desires before everything else and the vulnerability and self-loathing that often follows once you’ve satisfied them."

Listen to "Howl" below.

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