Thursday, August 4, 2016

EXES - Like You

Los Angeles-based duo EXES have been our radar ever since their inception and it good to see that more of our fellow bloggers are finally beginning to take notice. Blending together emotive lyrics with dreamy electronic pop production, the pair have consecutively released a series of stellar offerings, with their previous track "twentythousand", released back in late March and having already amassed over 716,000 plays on Spotify with another 100,000+ on Soundcloud. Today, EXES are back to present us with their latest single called "Like You", a chilling ballad about the agony of unrequited love.

Speaking on the track, frontwoman Allie McDonald says:

"'Like You' is a very real song about a very real boy I fell quickly and unrealistically for. Although the subject matter is a bit sad, the bouncy playfulness of the production adds an aspect of teenage naivety. Even in adulthood, relationships can be immature and overdramatic, and I think 'Like You' really showcases that.

Listen to "Like You" below and stay tuned for more new music from EXES as they are currently preparing for the release of their debut EP, which is due out this fall.

Premiere via PopMatters.

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