Thursday, August 11, 2016

Noella Nix - Bye Bye

Australian singer/songwriter and producer Noella Nix returns today with the unveiling of new single called "Bye Bye", which follows her previous track, "Lucky Charm", released back in early May. Once again collaborating with longtime producer Sam Lloyd, "Bye Bye" perfectly blends together Noella's signature vocals with pulsating electronic pop production to create a track that could easily be considered as one of her best releases to date.

Speaking on the track, Noella says:

"It's about meeting a person who you really wanted to be with but they had other priorities. As much as you want to be with them you know they are no good for you, and so you have to get away before things get too deep or too complicated... I'm sure we have all been there... In saying that, the song feels liberating and more like a celebration of being able to walk away and feel good about it, maybe even stay friends."

Listen to "Bye Bye" below.

"Bye Bye" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Ultimate Music.

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