Sunday, August 14, 2016

STEELE - Deep Water

Following on from last month's release of her previous single, "Follow", Stockholm-based artist Sara Steele, aka STEELE now returns with her newest single called "Deep Water", a hauntingly beautiful alt-pop track which perfectly showcases her soaring vocals on top of cinematic soundscapes and dreamy melodies. Teaming up with producers and songwriters Charles Elmi and Dejan Sajinovic, both "Deep Water" and "Follow" will be featured on STEELE's forthcoming sophomore EP, Hiraeth, due out September 20th.

Speaking on the track, STEELE says:

"I know when creating it's common to fall in love with the latest thing you've done, but I genuinely feel that 'Deep Water' is a song that, not only enhanced my passion for cinematic music, but it also let me explore the boundaries of my voice like I had never really done before. It's a song that incorporates all the elements my music is known for.

At first it strikes you as this mystical song and you're not quite sure where it will take you, but once the beat comes in it brings a smile to my face and makes me wanna dance. Strangely, even though the lyrics get darker as the song progresses, the energy and vibe that builds throughout is so uplifting and enchanting. I love it.

Listen to "Deep Water" below.

"Deep Water" will be released worldwide on August 19th via Firegate Music Group.

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