Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tiaryn - Cement Love

Introducing Perth-born, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter (and trained jazz pianist) Tiaryn, who has just unveiled her fierce debut single called "Cement Love", an exploration of monogamy and lament for once-held certainty. Co-written with Danny Barwick and produced by Pip Norman. Tiaryn simultaneously delivers a vulnerable, yet commanding vocal performance, conveying a feeling of female empowerment.

At the tender age of 11, Tiaryn began writing songs at her family piano, and from that point on has remained transfixed with self-expression through song. Tiaryn went on to study jazz piano at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. After an intense and transformative learning experience Tiaryn moved from Perth to Melbourne to immerse herself in its rich arts culture. Since then, Tiaryn has collaborated with numerous artists and bands, tirelessly exploring various avenues of music and performance, before forming a band of her own. Tiaryn's sound is a graceful blend of electronic, soul and pop elements, which combines unique synths, lush harmonies, sampled soundscapes and compelling stories. Her honest, diary-inspired lyrics, effortless stage presence and soaring voice make for a captivating experience.

Speaking on the track, Tiaryn says:

"As a child raised in a Christian family, I was brought up with a strong value for monogamy. This song came about from realising the limits of monogamy, and the desperation when certainty fades."

Listen to "Cement Love" below.

Premiere via Stereofox.

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