Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cosmos & Creature - Young

Having already been featured on collaborations with Lost Kings ("Marathon"), Vicetone ("Bright Side") and Sweekuh ("How We Do"), Los Angeles-based progressive pop duo Cosmos & Creature, comprised of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore (both of whom are already accomplished musicians on their own), have today unveiled their very promising debut single called "Young", a radio-ready gem which will no doubt soon find its way topping the Billboard charts thus further cementing the pair's position as an emerging artist to watch.

Speaking on the track, Brandyn says:

"'Young' was created out of a period of wonder and excitement in NYC. It's the first song we officially wrote for the project. Influenced by an era of anthemic '90s pop, we blend electronic, soul & alternative elements to create the soundscape for our stories. Cosmos & Creature is inspired by our contemplation of self & our place in the universe."

Meanwhile, Molly adds:

"We wrote 'Young' as a nostalgic tribute to the past that also embraces now. It's easy to live in a memory, but ultimately to evolve in life is to learn from what you've been through & forge forward."

Listen to "Young" below.

Premiere via Pigeons and Planes.

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