Friday, September 9, 2016

MOONZz - Trust Cycles (EP)

Perhaps best known for her breakthrough first single "Satisfy", which maintained a two-week placement on Spotify's Viral 50 chart and was used in a Victoria's Secret's Body by Victoria commercial, Los Angeles-based songstress Molly Williams, aka MOONZz has today released her long-awaited debut EP, Trust Cycles. The seven-song collection includes her previously singles, "Wonder" and "Every Every" as well as her most recent smash, "Anything You Want", a collaboration with up-and-coming Milwaukee producer Melvv.

Although difficult to rope her music into a single genre, that quality plays a pivotal role in what sets MOONZz apart from other artists. Her eclectic style incorporates dreamy vibes within a vast futuristic soundscape, boasting a wide range of influences including pop, electronica, R&B and hip hop, just to name a few.

MOONZz strives to overcome fear of the unknown as it pertains to human relationships, with the hope that these lessons can be extrapolated to being content with our place in the universe, and our inevitable departure from our home planet in search of what's next — an unknown location within the cosmos which we know virtually nothing about.

Stream MOONZz's Trust Cycles EP in its entirety below.

Trust Cycles is available now on iTunes.

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