Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lola Blanc - Real Boy

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist, actress and model Kandice Melonakos, better known as Lola Blanc, has just shared her brand new song called "Real Boy", which also serves as the third single following "Don't Say You Do" and "The Magic" to be lifted from her debut EP, also titled The Magic, out now and available on iTunes.

Speaking on her the tracks, Lola says:

"It's a nod to my puppetry-infused upbringing, but it's really about believing you can 'crack' or open up someone who's cold, guarded, or closed off. While it has generally been my experience that people don't change unless they're ready to, I've always held out hope that someday, people I care about will see the light. 'Real Boy' sounds kinda like a psycho cabaret, and it gets a lil angry, so feel free to imagine that it's about any of the men in your life who you disagree with politically. I have a few loved ones in mind at the moment."

Listen to "Real Boy" and check out the video for the EP's title track below.

Premiere via Fuse.


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