Monday, September 19, 2016

NOVAA - Skinny Dipping

Blending together elements of electronica, folk and pop, emerging 19-year-old Berlin-based artist and producer NOVAA has already drawn comparisons to the likes of Björk and Grimes while creating a new genre of music which she calls Organic Electronic. Now following her recent collaborative Down Under EP with musician and producer Moglii, NOVAA returns with her most hypnotic and alluring offering to date entitled "Skinny Dipping", which also serves as the fourth track following "Rose", "Hands" and "Sex" to be lifted from her upcoming 9-song EP, Stolen Peaches, due out in October.

Speaking on the track, NOVAA says:

"The first thing I came up with for 'Skinny Dipping' was the sentence - 'When your body's colder than your heart'. In my mind there was a picture of someone lying in the snow trying to turn the body as cold as the heart is. I wanted the song to be dark but also very confusing, so I added the quirky vocal shreds, loads of wide, reverbrant synth layers and some atmospheric drum sounds to translate that picture into music."

Listen to "Skinny Dipping" below.

Premiere via Semplesize.

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