Thursday, September 1, 2016

Satellite Mode - Surface

After having released their debut single, "Wild Excuses" this past November, which garnered critical acclaim throughout the blogosphere, including a feature in Noisey and a top 10 spot in both Spotify's US and Global Top 50 Viral Hit Songs charts along with follow-up singles, "Aphrodite", "Fair" and most recently "Family" also receiving widespread support, emerging New York City-based duo Satellite Mode, comprised of classically trained musicians Jess Carvo (vocals) and Alex Marko (production), now return with their latest offering entitled "Surface", an electro-pop track that weaves upbeat production with lyrics that express a deep longing for truth, honesty and mutual vulnerability in a romantic relationship. The duality of tone and message is a key trait of Satellite Mode's newest track, as often times romantic relationships seem perfect from the outside, but behind closed doors are fraught with issues such as a lack of honesty between partners, making true intimacy non-existent.

Listen to "Surface" below.

"Surface" will be released tomorrow (September 2nd). Pre-order on iTunes.

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