Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Dream Life - Lonely

Introducing Manchester-based four-piece dance collective The Dream Life, a group of exceptionally talented young musicians who live, create and party together and whose music is all about creating an escape from the harsh realities of modern life. Comprised of Cleo, Baby, Danny and Pablo, the group have already created something of a cult following in Manchester, throwing parties in different locations across the city and recently setting up their own label Matter, a self-contained outlet that has afforded them complete creative freedom. They all live and work together in a house just outside the city centre and have been collaborating with other artists in a new burgeoning Manchester scene, such as Salute, Fono and Shy Luv. As well as writing and producing all their own records, they also create their own artwork and videos, taking influence from Vapourwave artwork, social media and film. Ultimately they create a dreamy, euphoric place to escape to that somehow is always tinged by an underlying melancholy.

Their debut single "Lonely" is a stunning statement of intent from this singularly talented group: at once uplifting and contemplative in the same vein of crossover club tracks produced by the likes of Todd Terry or X-Press 2. A comment on the often isolating and impersonal nature of social media, Cleo's powerfully soulful vocals are juxtaposed with the melancholic, contemplative lyrics of "Lonely", and contrasted with haunting, ethereal synths and atmospheric guitar licks.

"It's easy to become addicted to social media" the group say of the single's main theme. "It's easier to check your Instagram rather than 'get up out of bed'. It's easier to text the friend you've not seen for a few months rather than meet up for a coffee. It's easier to share your condolences with a 'like' than to send someone flowers. It's far too easy to keep coming back to, hoping that there will be something new today. It's also easier for people to hide behind a screen, to control which side of their self they want to portray, saying what they want to say, how they want to say it. With so much control we could talk about so many of our problems out loud, however most of us opt for portraying the dream life: an uninterrupted façade of happiness."

Listen to "Lonely" below.

"Lonely" will be released on September 9th via their own label, Matter.

Premiere via Wonderland Magazine.

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