Monday, October 24, 2016

Eloïse - Studio 54

Introducing 18-year-old London-based newcomer Eloïse, who has today released her rather compelling debut single called "Studio 54". With her distinctive and powerhouse vocal style, Eloïse defies her youth with incredible poetic and emotional maturity. Her soaring vocals completely envelopes the listener into her world while the music blends the best elements of R&B and pop music.

Born into a family of artists and creatives, Eloïse has developed a musical style that also evokes an aesthetic appeal. She experiments with her own distinct sense of personal style, choosing to make bold and artistic statements. However, there are more unique elements here as Eloïse channels that sound rather than imitates it. The spacious washes and echo-laden vocals add a level of mystery and set the tracks apart from others in similar genres.

On "Studio 54", Eloïse creates cinematic worlds and characters with her songwriting, combining emotional rawness and honesty with an ability to transform the mundane into something beautiful and tragic while allowing the listener to drown in an ocean of lush melodies and imagery. Needless to say, "Studio 54" is a striking first effort, and a piece of music that affirms the intrigue surrounding this very promising artist.

Listen to "Studio 54" below.

"Studio 54" will be available on iTunes and Spotify on October 28th.

Premiere via Earmilk.

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