Thursday, October 6, 2016

KYYN - Uncontrol

Following the release of her previous two singles, "In My Dreams" and "Walk On Water", Brooklyn-based classical trained pianist turned singer/songwriter Kyndyl Miller, aka KYYN now returns with her third single called "Uncontrol". Co-written and produced by Pauly G, the track is slightly more complex than her previous offering but just as emotive and powerful as her searing vocals taking center stage over a driving beat. KYYN is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut EP, which is slated to drop sometime in mid-December.

Speaking on the track, KYYN says:

"I wrote the song with Pauly G while I was visiting LA in the summer, we started off with two chords, very simple, and it just built from there. The song really just talks about being indecisive and wanting everything, over indulgent. However, the speaker also realizes that doing whatever has it's toll and needs to be put under control. There's a limit to what you can do and if you exceed that limit unhealthy, you're gonna wreck everything around you and yourself. That's the core concept of the song."

Listen to "Uncontrol" below.

Premiere via Pan od Muzyki.

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