Monday, October 24, 2016

Lao Ra - Bang Boom

Bogotá-born, London-based singer/songwriter Lao Ra returns today with her explosive new single called "Bang Boom", the follow-up to her debut EP, Jesus Made Me Bad and her previous release, "Drum Machine", which has so far surpassed 4 million streams to date. "Bang Boom" started out as a song about bamboo. "Bamboo might not look powerful, but it's stronger than steel," says the Colombian songstress. "It might bend, but it won’t break." The other thing about bamboo is that once it’s taken root, it’s pretty much unstoppable - an apt ambition for Lao Ra, who uses the phrase "girl power in the jungle" to explain her music's multi sensory, collage-feel. If bamboo is the strongest but most flexible tree in the jungle, "Bang Boom" confirms Lao Ra's reputation as Colombia's freshest export.

Listen to "Bang Boom" below.

"Bang Boom" is available now on iTunes.

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