Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nola Wren & Kill Dave - Knife

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we last shared new music from Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and visual artist Nola Wren, but today she makes her long-awaited return with her new single called "Knife", a collaboration with fellow Brooklyn-based songwriter/producer David Dahlquist, aka Kill Dave. With lyrics inspired by the case involving convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner, "Knife" cuts in all the right places (musically and emotionally) and once again showcases Nola's soaring vocals as she sings "Twist the knife a bit harder / Can you kill the monster in me? /Twist the knife a bit harder / When I hit the ground, you bleed" over stellar electronic pop production.

Speaking on the track, Nola says:

"I wrote the first verse to 'Knife' the same day I read [Turner's] sexual assault victim’s letter that she read to him in court. So you can imagine my state of mind. At that point, the song didn’t have a title, nor was it really even a song. Once we got into the studio, things continued to develop and the core of its meaning took on something more personal. For me, 'Knife' is about a frustrating co-dependent relationship with an ex from years ago - one of those long stories best told with a stiff drink in a dimly lit bar. It might mean something different to Dave."

Listen to "Knife" below.

Premiere via Vehlinggo.


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