Monday, October 3, 2016

Kids At Midnight - Turn It Off

Following the success of her debut EP, The Survivors released back in March via her own label, Square Pleasure, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter and producer Jane Elizabeth Hanley, otherwise known as Kids At Midnight now returns with a gorgeous new single called "Turn It Off", which features emotive vocals backed by some smooth and dreamy production that will no doubt have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Speaking on the track, Jane says:

"This track is a pretty literal explanation of what it feels like to be completely out of our mind about someone, but kind of liking it. It sounds weird but I love the concept of desperation and how that's so improper in this age of self-help, how we're all meant to be so in control of everything all the time. I think it's lovely to be calm and in control but when I look back I've never felt so alive when I was really desiring against what I knew to be 'good' for me"

Listen to "Turn It Off" below.

"Turn It Off" will be released tomorrow (October 4th). Pre-order on iTunes.

Premiere via Impose Magazine.

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