Friday, October 21, 2016

Tigers Are Bad For Horses - Tinder Date

Washington, DC-based indie-pop duo Tigers Are Bad For Horses, comprised of Mary Ellen Funke and Lyell Evans Roeder, have today unveiled their new single called "Tinder Date", along with its accompanying lyric video. "Tinder Date" is a modern day tongue-in-cheek love song that speaks to both the haphazard and too often frivolous nature of meeting someone in the two dimensional world of an app, but also to our generation's earnest attempts at finding real, old-fashioned connections through a new medium.

Speaking on the track, the duo says:

"Both the lyrics and production came together pretty quickly and organically. We’d both been on Tinder a lot recently and when the idea came to turn it into a song, we sort of just sat down and wrote it out right then. It started out just as a funny project one night, but we ended up liking how it sounded and went with it from there.

Much of the production was inspired by newer artists like FKJ and Jordan Rakei and a desire to capture some of the sounds and feel of earlier funk/disco records by Earth Wind and Fire, P Funk, etc. It’s obviously a song about Tinder, so we wanted it to be light and fun but also reflect the musical influences of some of our favorite artists.

Listen to "Tinder Date" below.

Premiere via All Things Go.

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