Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dana And The Wolf - Close Enough

Introducing Los Angeles-via-Chicago electro-pop duo Dana And The Wolf, who have just unveiled their debut single called "Close Enough". Having been together for 10 years, the pair, comprised of vocalist Dana Hobson and multi-instrumentalist/producer Daniel Wolf, have set out to explore the boundaries of love in their relationship (sometimes getting themselves into trouble). The sound they've crafted is bold, cinematic, and provocative. In their continuous search for novelty and variety of experiences, this odd couple survives on making, loving and hating music.

Speaking on the track, the duo says:

"'Close Enough' is about how misconceptions of the word 'love' can destroy a great, and especially unconventional, relationship. Too many get lost in the battle of trying to define it, strangling all potential with arbitrary rules."

Listen to "Close Enough" below

Premiere via All Things Go.



  1. Not bad for a dive bar singer. Not really that good.

  2. Wow someone's salty in the comments!