Monday, November 7, 2016

Magnets - Fight

Introducing Magnets, otherwise known as the new project of Melbourne-based songstress Siobhan McGinnity. After years on the Melbourne music scene hidden behind her keys and backing vocals, Magnets is finally stepping out on her own. Trained as a classical pianist since the age of 6, Magnets started experimenting with guitar recently for a new challenge, which led to a shift in direction of music stylings and her debut single, "Fight". A powerful first offering navigating through the wasteland between passion and commitment, being simultaneously wanted, and not. The warm, sultry and powerful vocal lines follow suit, moving between fragility and strength with as much indecision as a non-committal lover. Produced by Stephen Mowat (WILSN) and featuring some of Melbourne's elite musicians, Richard Bradbeer (Eagle & the Worm, New Gods), Ross Beaton (Dorsal Fins) and Andrew Congues (Yeo, Satsuma), "Fight" is a brooding and memorable debut release from Magnets.

Listen to "Flight" below.

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