Sunday, November 20, 2016

What's In Our Inbox? #76

With so many emails arriving in our inbox on a daily basis it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the great new music that is being sent to us. As much as we would love to give each artist/song their own individual feature, we simply do not have the time to do so. So in order to make things a little easier on ourselves and to help get more music out there to YOU, we've decided to start doing a new feature that we're calling What's In Our Inbox?, which we'll try to share at least once a week. Please listen to each song and if you like what you hear then be sure to give the artist(s) a thumbs up and/or a follow on Facebook/Twitter.

1. Almand (feat. PG-13) - "Don't Manipulate"

2. Bearoid - "Enemy"

3. Druzy - "How You Feel"

4. Freddy Spacer - "All Blue As Night"

5. Kassassin Street - "Do or Die"

6. Leon Else - "Dance"

7. Midnight Pool Party - "Waiting"

8. Sam Setton - "Stranger"

9. Topanga - "Shadows"

10. Twin Wave - "Roll With It"

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