Monday, December 5, 2016

Gibbz - Oh My God

A little less than a month since releasing his previous single, "Bright Lights", Brooklyn-based electro-pop virtuoso Mike Gibney, aka Gibbz now returns with his sleek new single along with its accompanying lyric video for "Oh My God", which features a trumpet solo courtesy of Eric Benny Bloom of Lettuce and also serves as the second single and the title track off his forthcoming EP, due out on December 16th.

Speaking on the track, Gibbz said:

"'Oh My God' was inspired by a conversation about sexual vocalizations. I was curious why it seemed so common and natural for people to mention a deity while in the middle of having sex. 'Oh My God' the first line of the 'act of contrition,' which is a Christian prayer expressing sorrow for sin. I was thoroughly entertained by the visual my mind created of a new couple continuously having sex and just, sort of, 'covering the bases' in the eyes of God. Making sure whomever they prey to is aware that they know that they’re doing a dirty thing, but they have no intention of stopping. Also, I love a good reason to write a sexual song with a tempo perfectly matched for stamina."

Check out the lyric video for "Oh My God" below.

Pre-order Gibbz's Oh My God EP on iTunes.

Premiere via Consequence Of Sound.

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