Wednesday, January 25, 2017

alxxa - Nobody

Following on from last year's release of her debut single, "Fire", a collaboration with producer J.Pennyworth, Los Angeles via Nashville artist Alex Saad, aka alxxa now returns today with her second offering entitled "Nobody", a massive electro-pop banger produced by Gazzo.

Speaking on the track, alxxa says:

"The concept for the song started quite simple: I was in a listening session with my producer (Mike) Gazzo and one of his DJ collaborators, and we got on the topic of 'herbal remedies'. I brought up that I had some weed that had been given to me by an ex-lover-human-man-person (that's the technical term) which used to work great when we were together, but now was weirdly not getting me high the way it used to. The words came out and it immediately seemed necessary to write the line down. "

Listen to "Nobody" below.

"Nobody" will be released on Friday (January 27th.) Pre-order on iTunes.

Premiere via Oblivious Pop.

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