Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chinah - Even Love

Fresh from being nominated at the Danish Music Awards, Copenhagen-based trio Chinah return today with their first new offering of 2017 called "Even Love", which sees the band trade in their brand of R&B-infused electro-pop, as heard on previously released singles such as "Can't Remember How It Feels" and "Colder", for a smoother, chirpier indie-pop sound. The new single also serves as a taste of their forthcoming Hints EP, due out later this year via Danish label, No3.

Speaking on the track, Chinah explains:

"In our minds, 'Even Love' is not one clear, bright color, as it is neither completely sad, nor completely happy. The color of the song is a shade in-between, that comes from the interaction between the cheerfulness in an up-tempo beat and the melancholy and drowsiness in the vocals and lyrics. We hope that listeners will find this interesting, and that they will not find the vocals too sad/dramatic and not find the beat too cheeky, but instead that they will appreciate the way those two contrasts compliment each other."

Listen to "Even Love" below.

Premiere via Pigeons and Planes.

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