Monday, January 23, 2017

Princess Cyberspace - Blocked/Unblocked

Los Angeles-based duo Princess Cyberspace, comprised of vocalist, model and new media mogul Rebecca L'Amore and electronic music producer STEL★LEO, have today unveiled their new single called "Blocked / Unblocked" , which is already being hailed as "the most millennial break-up anthem in existence". The hypnotic single fuses together elements of 80's synth-pop, funk and L'Amore's auto-tuned vocals. A perfect fit into their self-coined "cyber pop" genre, "Blocked/Unblocked" is all too relatable in the age of social media

"From a lyrical standpoint, 'Blocked/Unblocked' is a song about that love interest you can’t escape on social media," says the duo. "It's about lurking on your ex or ex-crush’s social media accounts even though you know they’re bad for you."

Listen to "Blocked/Unblocked" below.

Download a free copy of "Blocked/Unblocked" here, and stay tuned for more new music from Princess Cyberspace in 2017.

Premiere via BULLETT Media.

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