Monday, January 23, 2017

Sacre - Gaia

Introducing Parisian electro-pop duo Sacre, who have today unveiled their debut single called "Gaia", a kaleidoscopic and Greek mythology-tinged track that sets the intergalactic scene from the get go, as the singer coos "from the darkness, invincible / on the lookout for miracles / visions surfing a million years / dissipating star dust a spark from here faraway." With disco touches, the track relies on its slow rolling, primordial drum line, hand claps, and falsetto-spiked chorus, which soars the glistening hook straight into orbit.

Listen to "Gaia" below and stay tuned for a lot more new music from them as the pair are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut EP, slated to drop sometime later this year.

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