Friday, January 13, 2017

VÉRITÉ ‏- Phase Me Out

Following last year's release of her third EP, Living, which garnered support from the likes of SPIN, Harper’s Bazaar, Noisey and more, as well as the viral success of her cover of 1975's "Somebody Else" that has already amassed over 44 million plays and counting on Spotify, New York City-based singer/songwrter Kelsey Byrne, aka VÉRITÉ now makes a welcome return today with her first new offering of 2017 called "Phase Me Out", written by Byrne herself along with Dan McDougall and produced by Peter Thomas and Jay Vice.

Speaking on the track, VÉRITÉ explains:

"The song is about all of the invisible lines I draw in my interactions with others. I wrote ‘Phase Me Out’ on a blind date writing session in London. It was a trip I had taken around a small UK tour, where I decided to completely overbook myself. I had the phrase ‘stand up straighter with my back against the wall’ written in my notes on my phone before the session. I remember feeling exhausted and isolated and confined. I wanted to make a shift into a sound I felt was less trendy and more timeless--a mix of organic and electronic, distorted and pristine, driving and melodic."

Listen to "Phase Me Out" below.

Premiere via Entertainment Weekly.

"Phase Me Out" is available now on iTunes.

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