Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mikala - Save Your Love

Introducing Danish/Italian artist Mikala. Born and raised in the rougher parts of Copenhagen, money was always tight for Mikala's family, but there was plenty of love and creativity at home, with both her parents involved in music and arts. As a child she started playing drums and piano and in her early teens she joined a gospel choir, where she could really challenge and nurture her vocal talent. Citing her upbringing and the values it gave her as her main inspiration, Mikala's sound is best described as inclusive soul and R&B or as Mikala herself calls it "eye to eye soul."

For her first single "Save Your Love", Mikala has teamed up Scandinavian platinum producer David Mørup to create an old school. beat-heavy R&B meets pop track with a light cut-up piano melody and samples attached as well. The song has clear references to 90's music with all the laid back attitude and warmth that defines the young singer.

Speaking on the track, Mikala says:

"In the beginning I wanted to write a song about ‘the state of the world’ but it seemed a bit too heavy for me - so we ended up writing about a typical one-night stand where the girl kind of ditches the guy.. But while watching the election in LA last year we added the sample in the beginning that says "Makes you wonder what the world's coming to" - giving it a state of the world twist anyways."

Listen to "Save Your Love" below

Premiere via Clash.

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