Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Noella Nix - Bad Things - Dream

To be honest, we've been eagerly awaiting for the return of Australian singer/songwriter and producer Noella Nix for quite some time now and today she returns with not one, but two new singles, "Bad Things" (co-produced by longtime collaborator Sam Lloyd) and "Dream" (produced by King Nation), both of which further showcase her knack for delivering a truly powerhouse vocal performance over dark and explosive electronic soundscapes.

Speaking on the release, Noella says:

"The songs are both about meeting someone and having an insane connection, like a chemistry that you have never felt with anyone else. It’s a feeling that you cant describe but it feels like a drug. Both those songs were written about those feelings of sexual chemistry, when you know that the person may not be good for you, or you may not be good for that person but the chemistry is so strong that you cant help but want to be with them all the time."

Listen to both "Bad Things" and "Dream" below.

"Bad Things" and "Dream" are available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Ultimate Music.

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