Thursday, February 9, 2017

RABBII - Majestic

Stockholm-based electro-pop duo RABBII (an acronym for Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception), comprised of vocalist Johanna "Jo" Berglund and producer Felix Persson have today shared their brand new single called "Majestic", which perfectly blends together Johanna's feathery vocals with a richly layered soundscape that is full of distinctive synths and soaring melodies to create one helluva pleasurable listening experience. "Majestic" also serves as the first taste of the duo's forthcoming debut EP, due out later this spring.

"As the worlds turns darker now is the time to see the beauty of round pegs in square holes," says RABBII. "'Majestic' is about the beauty of the misfits, what I wish I knew when I was 14, that we might be down, but we will rise again."

Listen to "Majestic" below.

"Majestic" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via GAFFA.

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