Friday, February 10, 2017

Seersha - Wasteland

Introducing Atlanta-based singer/songwriter and producer Seersha, who has today shared her debut single called "Wasteland", a lush, atmospheric and deeply heartfelt electro-pop gem which also serves as the first taste of her upcoming self-titled debut EP, due out in May via Fox Nose Records. Seersha, whose name derives from the phonetic spelling of Saorise, an Irish or Scottish name meaning "freedom", spent three weeks hidden away in her apartment writing, recording and using Ableton to produce the project solely by herself.

Speaking about the process, Seersha says:

"I turned off my phone, got off Facebook and just let myself do whatever felt intuitively right - it was a vulnerable, experimental time for me. That’s what this whole project is about for me: giving myself freedom to create whatever I want, with the intention of making space for the listener to freely feel."

Listen to "Wasteland" below.

Premiere via Ultimate Music.

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