Tuesday, February 28, 2017

STACEY - First Move

Following her gorgeous rendition of The Foundations's "Build Me Up Buttercup", released last year, Toronto-based singer/songwriter STACEY returns today with another absolutely breathtaking pop ballad called "First Move". Written by STACEY herself and produced by Derek Hoffman and Alan Day, "First Move" is a magnification of those before-moments, of love not yet unrequited nor confirmed. The track also serves as the first single to be lifted from her forthcoming sophomore EP, which is three years in the making.

Speaking on the track, STACEY tells Ladygunn, who premiered the song earlier today:

"On an inspiration level, I had been hanging out with a guy I really liked who didn't give any signals to confirm or deny any reciprocal feelings. I was so nervous every time we hung out and became fixated on the uncertain dynamic with him; I was constantly on the precipice of what could be. It was both tormenting and exciting. My mind would wander often. In terms of coming to fruition, 'First Move' was the song that actually led me to my producers, so it's really special to me."

Listen to "Fist Move" below.


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