Friday, March 24, 2017

Kyla La Grange - Love Harder

Following her previous single, "Justify", released at end of last year, Watford-raised, London-based singer/songwriter Kyla La Grange now returns with her first new offering of the year called "Love Harder", a rhythmic slice of electro-pop perfection with hints of British 90's garage. Once again teaming up with longtime pal Jakwob on production duties, "Love Harder" also serves as the first in a series of innovative new tracks from Kyla whose music has undergone something of a transformation despite cleverly defying categorisation since its very inception. "Love Harder" is a huge statement of intent.

"I always wanted to write a garage-influenced track because I think there's something pretty special about that time when you first start going out dancing and trying to get into places with a doctored ID, and it just felt like an experience I hadn't used to inform my writing before.," La Grange says. "I grew up next to Watford High Street where for a long while it was just wall-to-wall garage in all the bars and clubs, and I tried not to like it to begin with because I thought I was an emo indie kid, but it seeped in and now feels like such a big part of my teenhood. I wrote 'Love Harder' about the times when relationships aren't easy and you realise you've got to give more, not only to your partner but to yourself, because often it's how you feel about yourself that affects how you treat the other person.."

Listen to "Love Harder" below.

"Love Harder" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Popjustice.

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