Thursday, March 2, 2017

Toyko - Stronger Love

Less than a month since releasing their debut single, "Ghost Pepper", which earned them praise from the likes of I Heart Moosiq, Indietronica and Low Flying Birds, just to name a few, enigmatic Los Angles-based outfit Toyko (pronounced toi-koh) now return today with their second offering called "Stronger Love", an emotional and anthemic alt-pop track which translates forms of pleading for forgiveness into colorful sonic patterns. From the sincere piano-led opening to the passionate chorus where the vocal fills with sheer emotion, "Stronger Love" has a sense of real pop power and that's because it's based on a vivid personal experience.

"'Stronger Love' came after a night of heavy drinking and a bunch of poor decisions, " the band explains. "Come the next morning, I knew I had hurt someone I care for deeply and wrote this song as a cry for forgiveness. It's funny cause when I hear the song now it feels empowering, fun and uplifting but when I was writing the lyrics I was actually in a pretty dark place. I never set out to make a track like this, just sat down agenda-less and let raw emotion run its course."

Toyko believes in quality music above all else and as far as they are concerned, further details about themselves are simply a distraction from the music they create, but here's what you need to know: "Toyko is here for the long term and we have one simple message to our listeners; you are at your best, when you are just being yourself."

Listen to "Stronger Love" and check out the single's accompanying visualizer below.

"Stronger Love" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Sodwee.

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