Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Krysta Youngs - Xanax (A Love Song)

Emerging Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter (and Berklee College of Music graduate) Krysta Youngs, who has had her music featured on hit television shows such as MTV's The Real World, Lalaloopsy and Keeping Up with the Kardashians has just unveiled the music video for her new single, "Xanax (A Love Song)", directed by David N Donihue. The track also serves as the first single to be lifted from her forthcoming Prescriptions EP that will be will released at the end of September.

Speaking with ReviewFix.com, Krysta says:

"'Xanax (A Love Song)' is the most personal song on the EP and the song that really defines me as an artist. When I was eight years old I had my first panic attack. As a child I didn’t have a label for what was happening to me, I just knew that every time I experienced it, it made me sick and I felt unsafe. It wasn’t until I turned fifteen that my doctor gave me a prescription for Xanax. I remember taking it for the first time and feeling an overwhelming sense of relief. I realized that Xanax could be used as tool to overcome my anxiety while dealing with the deeper issues through therapy. Xanax truly is a love song to myself and it’s message is that we all have a safe place inside ourselves if we’re willing to find it."

Watch the video for "Xanax (A Love Song)" below.

"Xanax (A Love Song)" is available now on iTunes.



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