Friday, April 7, 2017

CAT - Weapon Of War

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter CAT (aka, Catherine Pierce of sister duo The Pierces) has today shared her powerful and poignant new single called "Weapon Of War". Once again collaborating with Jason Lader (Frank Ocean, James Blake, Andre 3000) and Leggy Langdon (Banks, Mr. Little Jeans, Alex Vargas), who also produced her debut solo single, "You Belong To Me", released earlier this year, "Weapon Of War" is a song about CAT’s personal experiences in a previous abusive relationship.

Speaking on the track, CAT explains:

"'Weapon of War' is about leaving an abusive relationship and learning to trust someone new after going through that trauma. There's a certain shame that comes on after abuse. People wonder if it's their fault or if they are worthy of love. It's about the beauty that can happen in the healing of the pain."

"Weapon Of War" will be released alongside her track "Hard To Be A Woman" which premiered on Noisey on International Women’s Day along with a video created by CAT herself and included cameos from Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Listen to "Weapon Of War" below.

Premiere via The 405.

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