Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jimi Charles Moody - Only You

London-base alt-soul crooner Jimi Charles Moody (aka, Harley Sylvester of hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks) returns today with his soulful new masterpiece called "Only You", the follow-up to his previous single, "Turns To Gold", released a little over a year ago.

"Only You"'s beautiful simplicity is only surpassed by its crushing honesty, stripping you bare, punching you in the heart and leaving you for dead. It's a subject anyone can relate to, be it unrequited love, the one that got away or taking that special person for granted at just the wrong moment. The beauty in "Only You" isn't just in its relatability, but also in its lack of resolution. Love is often unresolved and Jimi isn't afraid to express that. Furthermore, the stark acoustic nature of "Only You" adds an intimacy that you can't simulate; you feel close to him, yet oddly far away.

Speaking on the track, Jimi Charles Moody says:

"I originally wrote 'Only You' as a song for someone else, but the moment I finished it I knew it was too personal to give away. I hope the 'You' in question hears this, so they know how much they did and still do mean to me."

Listen to "Only You" below.

"Only You" is available now on iTunes.

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