Monday, April 10, 2017

Noella Nix & Absinth3 - Faded

I was literally just listening to Australian singer/songwriter and producer Noella Nix recently released double single, "Bad Things" / "Dream" on my way home tonight before being notified that she had just released yet another explosive dance pop banger called "Faded". A song that is lyrically somewhat of a postlude to her 2016 track, "Bye Bye" (there is a reference to "Bye Bye" in the second verse), "Faded" was produced alongside 17-year-old producer Absinth3, who recently made the move from Glasgow, Scotland to the Gold Coast, so ideally this could be a start of many more future collaborations to come from the pair.

Speaking on the track, Noella says

"'Faded' switches between expressions of self-love and acceptance, disappointment and then celebration of freedom, the chorus portrays happiness and excitement musically which celebrates feelings of being happy to be alone, the world doesn't have to end, you can be happy and continue your life in the fullest way after a relationship."

As for working with Absinth3, she adds:

"Working with Absinth3 was like a dream, the whole project was done via a couple Skype calls without video, so technically we have never met but we live in the same city now!"

Listen to "Faded" below.

"Faded" is available now on iTunes.

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