Friday, June 30, 2017

Blair - Oceans

After having amassed millions of collective streams on past singles such as "Five Past Ten", "Dance Alone" and "Planetary" (featuring argonaut&wasp), Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer Blair is back and in full force with his latest offering entitled "Oceans", an upbeat and highly infectious indie-electronic tune that will surely fine a home on your next summer party playlist.

"In the year this record took to make, I found myself unsatisfied with the process of electronic music production. I felt like i was inside a box," says Blair. "This record came whole the moment real instruments were introduced. I wanted people to hear the imperfect human element that has been all but replaced by its robotic emulations. Perfection is boring."

Listen to "Oceans" below.

"Oceans" is available now as a free download. Click here.

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