Thursday, June 15, 2017

LAOISE - Shooting

Originally hailing from Galway but now based in Dublin, Irish electro-pop artist LAOISE has today released her debut EP, Halfway, which includes her previously released gems such as the EP's title track and "YOU" as well as her brand new single entitled "Shooting". The EP was recorded and produced by Seán Behan, (A Place Called Kai Studios), in a spare room in his parent’s house. The entirety of it was produced using one ramshackle microphone and an equally ancient laptop, making LAOISE’s pristine and glittering output all the more impressive.

Speaking on her new single, "Shooting", LAOISE says:

"'Shooting' is probably my favourite track off the EP. In comparison to the other songs, it's quite bare and raw. When writing it, I feel I got to delve into new territories and emotions, which is echoed in the song's lyrics. I wrote this song with a friend of mine, and we were both going through similar experiences where no matter what we did, we felt we couldn't grasp and take hold of the things we wanted - be it a relationship or a career path. 'Shooting with no ammo' explains the effort you go to finally reach something, only to realise you messed up on the first step, and starting again doesn't always feel worth it. It’s that moment when you feel so trapped and lost, going around in circles over and over and wondering if you’ll ever break the cycle."

Listen to "Shooting" below.

LAOISE's Halfway EP is available now on iTunes.

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