Wednesday, July 19, 2017

BATTS - Little White Lies

Following the release of her previous single "For Now" back in March which she stated was the first song showcasing her new sound, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Tanya Batt, aka BATTS, now returns with her new single called "Little White Lies", to further solidify her change in sound. Produced by BATTS herself along with Isaac Barter (Life Is Better Blonde, Canary, Oh Pep), "Little White Lies" was recorded live in Barter's home studio in Geelong with band members Lachlan O'Kane, Brendan Tsui and Ross Beaton featuring on the single.

"'Little White Lies' just came out all at once," says BATTS "It's about how pretty much every interaction with anyone seems to be filled with these little white lies, whether it's just easier to reply 'Good' when someone asks you how you are, or being late and making up a little white lie to cover your back. The world is filled with them and I don't think we even realise we are doing it anymore, whether it's a stranger or someone close to you, it just happens."

Listen to "Little White Lies" below and stay tuned for more new music from BATTS in the coming months as she is preparing for the release of debut EP, due out later this year.

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