Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Anna Straker - Ignite Me

London-based singer/songwriter and producer Anna Straker returns to today with hands down one of the best songs we've heard all year called "Ignite Me", her first offering since releasing her 4-song debut EP Serious late last year. Written and produced by Anna herself. the compelling track speaks volumes on her undeniable vocal talent and production prowess as she seamlessly blends together a spoken word piece into a soulful track centered around electronica and trip hop production.

Speaking on the track, Anna says:

"'Ignite Me' is a little bit different to my other songs, so it's been really cool to experiment with a more hip-hop influenced sound. The lyrics are about going out to a club and feeling like you don't belong, everything's a bit gross and you're really aware of what's happening around you. I really enjoyed writing the poetry for the verses, turning the dismal and melancholy aspects of night clubbing into something beautiful."

Listen to "Ignite Me" below.

"Ignite Me" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via FAULT Magazine.

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