Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Luxia - Me, My Selfie and I

Introducing Swedish pop newcomer and "the new queen of reality", Luxia, who has just unveiled her debut single called "Me, My Selfie and I", a brilliantly produced tongue-in-cheek track that is about the dangers of tech addiction and how and inflated ego can lead to disaster. Like Petite Meller and with echoes of early Lilly Allen before her, Luxia brings a beautifully fractured vision through incredible pop music. In fact, Luxia may very well be one of the realest artist out there at the moment. Growing up in an unstable home with with drug and alcohol-abusing parents, Luxia openly admits "I've had problems with depression, anxiety and anger issues but had no help, because I haven't asked for any until recently. I’ve been told I have borderline personality disorder - I’ve been talking to a psychologist for about a year; I’m grateful. It helps a lot."

Speaking on the track, Luxia says: 

"In Sweden, where I'm from and where I live in Malmo, there is a thing called 'Jantelagen'. 'Jantelagen' is a Swedish unwritten kind of 'law' that basically means that you shouldn't think you are something special, you should show humility and restraint and know your place. Many Swedish people are afraid to shine because of this 'Jantelag'... well, fuck that! I'm not afraid to shine!"

Listen to "Me, My Selfie and I" below.

"Me, My Selfie and I" is available now on Amazon.

Premiere via Clash.


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