Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Alayna - High Off You

Following her exquisite debut single "Falling Autumn", which was released back in late February on Hillydilly's new label, 20XX, and has so far amassed nearly 2.5 million plays on Spotify, New Zealand-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Alayna now returns with her second offering called "High Off You", which this sees her collaborating with London-based producer extraordinaire Maths Time Joy. The result is an ultra-slick, ultra-modern R&B ballad that hits all the right spots without ever pandering.

Speaking on the track, Alayna says:

"'High Off You' has been with me for a while now. A good few years of trying to find its sound bed to sleep in. I knew exactly how I wanted it to feel, just wasn't really sure how to get there.”"

Listen to "High Off You" below.

"High Off You" is available now on iTunes.


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