Friday, February 9, 2018

LKA - Let's Take It Back

Finnish singer/songwriter and producer Laura Kaarina Autio, aka LKA continues to roll out one top-notch electronic pop gem after another and her latest offering, "Let's Take It Back", is no exception. The track was produced by Jake Alder and co-written with fellow Finnish popstress and longtime collaborator HANNAH, who together also moonlight as a songwriting and production duo under the name, Sky & Fey Music.

Speaking on the track, LKA says:

"Because we live in a world that is so success-oriented, the pressures that we put on ourselves can sometimes get a little out of hand. A lot of us have a tendency to push way too hard at some point, and that's why I wrote this song, as a little reminder to myself and to others as well. Small children really know how to enjoy the simplest things, like watching a truck pass by or playing with mud. Honestly, I believe it can do a lot of good to try and see the world from the viewpoint of a kid. There's nothing wrong with working hard, but when what you're doing turns into an odd sort of obsession, you can easily begin to lose touch of what actually matters. I wanted this song to have a carefree feel to it, and I'm super happy with the production that Jake Alder came up with. My teammate HANNAH and I had a great time working on the vocal production, and I'm also really happy with the mix and master by OmniSound Productions. I feel like everyone who was involved in this track really brought it to life!"

Listen to "Let's Take It Back" below.

"Let's Take It Back" is available now on iTunes.

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