Friday, February 23, 2018

Meekha - Chains

Portland-based (via Denver) singer/songwriter Meekha has today released her brand new single called "Chains", a deeply emotive pop song which was written and produced in collaboration with Matthew Heath and Gray Griggs. "Chains" also serves as the second single following "Young" to be taken from her upcoming debut EP, Mercury In Retrograde, due out later this year.

Speaking on the track, Meekha says:

"We began writing 'Chains' on a very personal level to me, based on specific times in my life where I have felt stuck and powerless but realized my life is only in my hands and I can make any change I set out for and work hard for. We quickly realized this story was a very relevant and universal theme in our society as of late. I hope it can give hope and strength to people in any and all types of difficult situations."

Listen to "Chains" below.

"Chains" is available now on iTunes.

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