Friday, September 28, 2018

Lisa Danaë - Temporary

Los Angeles-based pop artist Lisa Danaë has today released her brand new single called "Temporary", which also serves as the third single following "Get Away" and "The End of the Line" to be taken from her five-song project titled 1445, a series of singles that, in the aftermath of heartbreak, explore Lisa's growth as both an artist and as a woman.

Written and produced in collaboration with Jonathan "Duck" Leary and a girl named jaen, "Temporary" has all the makings of a classic pop ballad as she sings about those times when you give yourself fully with the hope of committed reciprocation, then denial and more hope, only to feel untethered time and time again. Yet, this classic is elevated with the blend of some retro touches, melodies that stay with you, and Lisa's warm voice. The intro immediately pulls you into its sonic melancholy with gorgeous retro organ keys surrounded by subtle, but palpable static noise leading you note by note to Lisa’s hopeful, but pleading vocal. The 90's sounding Tom Morello-esque inspired electric guitar beautifully fills the lines leading you to the tender first chorus. Tasteful sprinklings of modern pop vocal ear candy and more take you the rest of the way to the soaring final chorus.

Listen to "Temporary" below.

"Temporary" is available now on iTunes.

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