Monday, October 15, 2018

Simone - Make It Last

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer Simone (full name: Simone Sattler) has today released her brand new single called "Make It Last", an impassioned pop ballad packed with retro synths and classic vibes. Written and produced entirely by Simone herself, "Make It Last" gives listeners a taste of this unique artist is capable of and what to expect from her upcoming EP, as her past singles have proven to catch the attention of fans who share her love of a banger chorus and interesting synth production. 'Make it Last' proves no different but also showcases a stark difference from her previous singles such as "Little Bit" and "Neon". The latest offering from Simone shows more experimentation in her production as well as a writing style that differs from other artists, while showcasing her pop talents.

Listen to "Make It Last" below.

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